Our toddler classrooms are designed for children ages 12-15 months until around age 3.  We have a one year old room and a two year old room. We provide a nurturing, comfortable, home-like setting for your toddler.  Developmentally appropriate toys, furnishings, visual displays, music, art, games, and learning materials create a stimulating environment.  Lesson plans designed by our teachers are adapted to meet the needs of your developing child and are based on Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards. We provide plenty of opportunities for free play in our learning centers as well as small and large group activities.  Our outdoor toddler play area provides natural green space and shade, is very large and contains play equipment designed to encourage active and dramatic play.

Parents provide sippy cups (if used), diapers, sheets and/or blankets for nap, changes of clothes, and pacifiers or other comfort items if desired.

The center provides diaper wipes, a cot for napping, and breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack daily.

Young Toddler Play Area

Young Toddler Classroom