Our infant classroom is designed for children ages 6 weeks until around 15 months.  We provide a nurturing, comfortable, home-like setting for your infant.  Developmentally appropriate toys, furnishings, visual displays, music, and comfort items are provided and rotated to provide a soothing, yet stimulating environment.  Lesson plans designed by our teachers are adapted to meet the needs of your developing child and are based on Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards. We understand that all infants are different and we modify our program to best meet the needs of your infant and the wishes of families. 

Parents provide bottles, diapers, breastmilk/formula, changes of clothes, and pacifiers or other comfort items if desired.

The center provides diaper wipes and bibs.  At six months of age, the center provides Gerber infant cereals, fruits, vegetables, and meats as instructed by families.

We realize that there is a wide range of normal development with infants.  Therefore, we do not move our infants to our toddler room at a specific age.  We gradually transition our infants into our toddler room beginning at around twelve months for practice time in the classroom to bond with toddler teachers, socialize with toddlers, and acclimate to the toddler classroom.  The process of transition is not rushed, as we want our infants to transition to their new environment with confidence and comfort.  The official move generally happens at around fifteen months, but certain infants are ready sooner and others need more time.  The official move happens when infants are walking well, needing only one nap per day, and eating the full regular lunch menu.