Infants are accepted at 6 weeks and stay in our infant room until about 15 months, depending on the individual needs of the child.  We individualize our care for all infants and do not attempt to “standardize” our care. We ask that you provide us with a general routine of how you take care of your baby (feeding times, nap times, likes/dislikes) so that we can make the transition from home to daycare easy on your infant.

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines with regard to SIDS prevention. All infants are placed on their backs to sleep and no bumpers or heavy blankets are used. Additionally, infants are given lots of one-on-one attention and we do not allow “cry-it-out” practices at our center.

Our infants are gradually introduced to the toddler room over a period of a few months.  We bring them to the toddler classroom starting at 12 months for “practice” time so that when the official move takes place, they are well adjusted to their new environment.  Toddler tuition rate takes affect at first birthday even though child remains in the infant room for some time afterwards.

Parents Provide:

– Bottles


– Infant juice (if used)

– Diapers

– Two changes of clothes

Our Center Provides:

– Unscented alcohol free Diaper wipes

– Infant cereal and jarred baby food at 4 months of age or later as per parents’ wishes.

-Developmentally appropriate toys and music are available for our infants daily.

– Each day, you will be provided with an ”Infant Daily Report”, which lets you know details about your baby’s day with regard to feeding, napping, and diapering.

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