American Heart Association’s Healthy Way to Grow!

Healthy Way to Grow

We are excited to start participating in the American Heart Association’s Healthy Way to Grow Program.  Our center will be working hard to analyze and improve our current program through education, fitness, and nutrition to prevent obesity in our youth.  Recipes, suggestions, and other resources will be made available to parents as we work with the program.  We are excited to try some new foods, activities, and lessons!


Lenny the Leprechaun has Broken into Preschool!

Meet Lenny, the Leprechaun who is sneaking into our preschool classroom each night from now until St.  Patrick’s Day.  He surprised our preschoolers with a letter and a mess!  He told them that he will be causing mischief and messes in their classroom each night until St.  Patrick’s Day.  He dared them to catch him and our preschoolers are designing traps.  If they clean up his messes each morning, he has promised them a special treat on St. Patrick’s Day!

Wacky Wednesday Lunch!

As part of our Dr. Seuss Week, Wednesday, Feb 27th was “Wacky Wednesday”!  Lunch was Green Eggs, Ham, Strawberry/Banana/Nilla Wafer Seuss Hats, and Blue Milk!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Our center will honor and celebrate Dr. Seuss over the next couple weeks.  We will be reading his books and dressing up in special ways.  We will also be having Green Eggs and Ham (and some other sides!) for lunch next week!

Visit from the Greenwood Hose Company

On Thursday, October 4th,members of the Greenwood Hose Company will visit our center and do a Fire Safety presentation for our toddlers and preschoolers.  The goals are to teach the basics of Fire Safety and to show children how to react in the event of a real fire.  An actual firefighter will gear up and show the children what he looks like so they are not afraid if ever faced with a real life fire situation.  They will practice stop-drop-and-roll.  They will also be warned of dangerous items and activities that cause fires.  In our busy lives, we often overlook some of the most basic of life lessons that is fire safety.  While we don’t always like to think about or talk about scary situations with our children, it is necessary in an effort to prepare them for the real life emergency.  Take ten minutes this week to talk to your child about fire.  Check and change fire alarm batteries. Have a fire drill with your whole family.  Cover electrical outlets and keep flammable items away from heat sources.  Show your child dangerous items such as lighters, matches, and stoves.  Explain to them the dangers.  Practice calling 911.

A Bright Future Daycare launches new website.

Come and take a look around!



Lackawanna County Children’s Library

The Lackawanna County
Children’s Library has
wonderful programs and
events throughout the
year for young children

WNEP – Good Things
are Happening

WNEP’s “Good Things Happening”
website offers information
on local events
including picnics, fairs,
concerts, shows, camps,
children’s sports, and much