Our toddler rooms are designed for children ages 15 to 36 months. The rooms are very bright and cheery and contain educational decorations and toddler artwork. The toddlers are given adequate “free play” to express their own individuality and learn from their peers. We have a young toddler room for our one year olds and an old toddler room for our two and young three year olds. Toddlers are invited to participate in circle time, exercises, arts and crafts, and games. At this age, participation in such activities are encouraged but always optional.  In early morning and late afternoon, our toddlers are combined in one classroom to allow for peer interaction. Weather permitting, the children play outdoors daily.  We also take them for walks.  The toddler tuition rates are based on age and not by classroom placement.  Our classroom placement is based on development and not always age, so we often keep our young two year olds in our one year old classroom,  and our young three year olds in our two year old classroom.


Parents Provide:

– Diapers

– Sippy cup (if desired)

– Blanket

– One change of clothes

Our Center Provides:

– Unscented alcohol free Diaper wipes

-Nutritionally balanced Breakfast, AM snack, Hot Lunch, PM Snack

-Developmentally appropriate toys, activities, and music.


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