The curriculum in all of our classrooms is based on the principles of active learning inspired by the interests of our children.  Teachers create activities and lessons using Creative Curriculum for our infants and toddlers, based on PA’s Early Learning Standards.  Our preschool is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and we utilize Highscope curriculum.  We participate in the Keystone Stars program which guides our program’s continuous quality improvement.


Our play areas are designed to offer a range of experiences.  Our materials are selected to encourage the development of the child  physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally through a variety of materials, books, toys, music, art, games, small and large group activities.  Our outdoor play area is very large and offers a newly constructed playground for our preschool and school age.  Our toddler area offers plenty of green space to run, shady areas to relax, and playhouses and climbers to explore.


We participate in the USDA’s Child and Adult Food Program through Pennsylvania’s Department of Education.  We provide breakfast, lunch, and two snacks daily that adhere to the guidelines set forth by the program to ensure that your child receives a wholesome and balanced nutrition while in our care.  New guidelines include a reduction in sugar as well as an increase in whole grain items.  We provide our children and staff nutrition education that helps foster healthy eating habits.